5 Star Winery - Halliday Wine Companion (2015)

“Gary Mills' naturally made, terroir-driven wines are some of Australia's most interesting… This is the new face of Australian wine. Wines from distinguished sites, naturally made, with personality, elegance and a sense of place.” - Jamie Goode, wineanorak.com

“I buy them, because I love drinking them, but also because I love pulling them out when occasion arises to change someone’s perception. There’s a brilliance to them, and brilliance is at its best when it has a clear use. Jamsheed has burned itself away from the ruck and is now a leading producer.” - Campbell Mattinson, Wine Front

"Gary Mill’s pure, detailed Syrahs and irresistibly quirky Harem series have become touchstone examples of the Victorian wine zeitgeist. The benefits of his bold, non-interventionist approach—the high-definition clarity, enigmatic nuance and crackling energy—are evident across each wine under the Jamsheed label. 

Jamsheed’s Syrah wines, drawn from single-vineyard sites across Victoria, precisely capture each plot’s regional idiosyncrasies—seemingly in three dimensions. Gary Mills is justifiably renowned for these spine-tingling Syrah’s - even the international press corps have been making comparisons with the great names of the northern Rhône. Yet Mills is also a dab hand with many other varieties, producing exceptional Roussanne and Riesling under the Jamsheed label and a wide range of styles under Harem." - Bibendum