Farr Rising

Farr Rising is the second label of renowned family winemakers, by Farr.

"By Farr and Farr Rising continue to be separate brands from separate vineyards, the one major change being that Nick Farr has assumed total responsibility for both labels, leaving father Gary free to pursue the finer things in life without interruption. This has in no way resulted in any diminution in the quality of the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Viognier made. The vineyards are based on ancient river deposits in the Moorabool Valley. There are six different soils spread across the Farr property, with the two main types being rich, friable red and black volcanic loam, and limestone, which dominates the loam in some areas. The other soils are quartz gravel through a red volcanic soil, ironstone (called buckshot) in grey sandy loam with a heavy clay base, sandstone base and volcanic lava. The soil's good drainage and low fertility are crucial in ensuring small yields of intensely flavoured fruit." - James Halliday