Bannockburn Serre Pinot Noir

"The utterly gorgeous, complex and finely textured Bannockburn Serré Pinot Noir derives from a special 1.2 hectare vineyard planted at Bannockburn in 1986. The narrow rows, low trellising and close-planted vines (9,000/hectare) “restricts crop levels to mirror those of grand cru Burgundy”. Serré is a French term meaning close or tight fitting. Increased competition between vines results in deeper subsoil root penetration and better access to nutrients and moisture. The low trellising system allows the grape bunches to hang close to the ground – the fruit ripens evenly and benefits from the warmth radiated from the top soil. Serré is made using traditional Burgundian wine making practices. The wine is matured in Alliers and Vosges barriques for 14 months before bottling without filtration."Andrew Caillard MW