Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Do you just sell old and rare wines?

Q. If I order wine to be sent to me how do I know it will arrive in good condition?

Q. If I buy an older wine from you how do I know it has been cellared correctly?

Q. If I have a bottle of wine to sell will Wine House be interested to buy it?

Q. Is Wine House a regular retail shop? Can I just walk in without making an appointment?

Q. Does Wine House offer discounts for volume buys?

Q. Can I order wines as a gift to be delivered to someone else?

Q. I need to send a gift of wine in a hurry to someone in Melbourne, can Wine House help?

Q. I am not located in Australia. Can I place an order with a non-Australian credit card?

Q. Where are your wine courses and events held?

Q. Can I book a private event at Wine House?

Q. Is there parking available near the Wine House?

Q. I am a tourist. Can I claim tax back at the airport on departure?

Q. Why are so many wines listed on the website listed as out of stock?


Wine Club FAQs

Q. Can I change my wine preferences? How?

Q. When will I receive my wine?

Q. Am I signing up to a lock-in contract?

Q. Is my delivery free?