Majella The Malleea

"The gorgeously concentrated, immensely complex and seductive Majella Malleea Cabernet Shiraz highlights the compelling nuances of multi varietal blending, utterly superb vineyard resources and Bruce Gregory’s intuitive winemaking and selection. The original 6 acre Shiraz vineyard was established in 1968. Since 1970 extensive plantings of Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot have followed. Majella’s Malleea (a local aboriginal word for ‘green field’) was first made in 1996. Rigorous fruit selection, batch vinification in headed down static fermenters, partial barrel fermentation and 22 months in new, tightly grained French oak are essential elements of winemaking philosophy. This strong regionally defined wine shows intense mocha-berry aromas, ripe tannins, savoury oak and meaty complexity; reflective of a remarkable generosity and spirit of place."Andrew Caillard MW