Capel Vale

"Capel Vale's winemaking philosophy is to mirror the elegance and complexity of Old World Styles using the highly distinctive flavours of the grapes from our New World Vineyards. The result is intensely fruit driven, complex,powerful, yet elegant wines sourced from the best regions in Western Australia.The CV range is well priced and designed to be varietally obvious, full of fruit flavour and ready to drink. These wines are ideally suited to modern day demands, are accessible, beautifully constructed and offer immediate satisfaction and enjoyment.The Capel Vale range is definitely fruit driven but is more complex, from lower yielding vines and has more aging ability. These elegant, graceful wines are of refined fruit character, perfectly approachable upon release yet loaded with the potential to reveal their strength and pedigree with some ageing.Our special reserve Black Label range has been developed to display the ultimate expression of fruit from our oldest and lowest yielding vines. Each are from a single vineyard. These wines are the premium expression of the Capel Vale method resulting in exceptional handcrafted wines."Capel Vale