Henschke Keyneton Estate

The Barossa hills village of Keyneton was pioneered by pastoralist Joseph Keynes in 1842. It became a musical and cultural focus for early settlers, such as the Henschke Family Brass Band and the Henschke Winery. This brass band survived generations and featured wonderful wind instruments such as a B flat euphonium, cornet and E flat clarinet, which have been restored and are still in the family. The historic Keyneton district has been the home of up to seven wineries during its period of settlement.The B flat euphonium, a large brass wind instrument, was made by the famous Zimmermann factory in Leipzig, Germany, in the late 19th century. A musical entrepreneur, Carl Engel of Adelaide, was responsible for importing musical instruments into South Australia at this time. It has a deep amber coloured lacquer and is adorned with decorative metalwork on the body and slides not seen on more recent instruments. Again, it has a warmer and more subtle tonal quality than its modern counterparts.www.henschke.com.au