5 Star Winery - Halliday Wine Companion

"The Redman family has a single-minded winemaking focus and that is ‘celebrating enduring reds’. The Redman family is imbued with a tradition whereby the best of the past is carried forward – 110 years of producing wine in a hands-on and intimate fashion. The family has a respect for what Bill Redman established four generations ago, but also an absolute passion to ensure that his simple and proven wine-producing practices are carried forward for another 100 years. It is why the Redman vineyard remains a boutique estate – viable but small enough to always demand the personal involvement and touch of a generation of Redmans." - Redman

"You know, the other reason I usher Redman reluctantly onto the centre stage is that upon querying Coonawarra winemakers which wines they enjoyed, though “Redman” was not their instant reply, I remarked upon how many paused and then opined something along the lines of “...and you would be amazed how well the Redman wines age.” I guess they use the word “amazed” because at first sight the wines do not have the faculties, the depth or structure, to suggest they would actually live of long and fruitful life. Yet there is just “something” that tells me that one or two of the wines I tasted will defy all expectations and make a mockery of my drinking windows that I leave ajar when they should be open wide." - Neil Martin, July 2008,