Henschke Abbotts Prayer

Stephen and Prue Henschke, fifth-generation winemakers at the family cellars at Keyneton, selected Lenswood in 1981 as a new vineyard site, just 50km from their ancient Mount Edelstone and Hill of Grace vineyards. At 550 metres, the Lenswood vineyard slopes offer not only beautiful views over the older vine country, but also higher rainfall and humidity at the right time of the year, cooler temperatures to retain natural acidity, and still enough sunshine to fully ripen the grapes. The Abbotts Prayer Merlot label links together the history, religion and pioneers of this mountainous region. This property along Coldstore Road, including the vineyard, was originally known as Abbotts Flat and was pioneered by T N Mitchell, the first settler. Vineyards were previously established in this area in the late 1800s.www.henschke.com.au