YarraLoch is an exciting new boutique producer based in the Yarra Valley which has justreleased its first wines in January this year. To date it has received an excellent response to its wines in Melbourne and already its winesare being listed on some of Melbourne's best wine lists including Circa, Taxi, Asiana, Mecca, Longrain, and the Melbourne Wine Room to name a few. Given the small production, theseare not wines that will be readily available at major retail outlets. Instead wines willpredominately be sold directly via mailing list and through better restaurants.YarraLoch differs from the plethora of new producers who have emerged in recent years, inits total and uncompromising commitment to quality. From the careful selection of individual vineyard sites across the Yarra Valley best suited to each variety, to the micro-winemakingapproach where each barrel of wine is vinified using different techniques and managedseparately until maturity, passion and attention to detail drives everything YarraLoch does. All wines have been hand crafted by Sergio Carlei using traditional techniques including using natural yeast, open wood fermenters, whole berry maceration, and minimal filtration or handling. All wines are made from grapes hand picked with yields generally limited to 2 t/a orless. The result is wines that have great concentration and structure whilst retaining finesse and elegance. These are wines that are deliberately less Australian and more European instyle.