Their original move to Coonawarra over 25 years ago was never supposed to be permanent, but John and Melissa Innes fell in love with the area and bought a parcel on the Limestone Coast. The property was dotted with native Waterlilys, hense the botanical name used for thier wine label: Ottelia.

With over half a lifetime of experience, John has built himself quite the resume. From working 20 vintages at Rymill to his 5 years serving under the esteemed Italian wine pioneer Carolo Corino. Using his extensive knowledge of the South Eastern pocket of South Australia, John selects parcels of fruit he believes will show the best expression of that variety.

  • Ottelia Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

    Region: SA- Coonawarra

    A must try - staff pick of the month!    Ottelia sits on the historical Terra Rossa soils of Coonawarra and has an outstanding winemaker with John Innes at the helm. “Gorgeous deep garnet colour with an alluring nose of sour cherries,...

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  • Ottelia Chardonnay 2019

    Region: SA-(Other)

    Chardonnay from the Limestone Coast. It's just brilliant!   "Nose: An intriguing and complex nose. Citrus characters dominated by lime, with a touch of lemon blossom, complimented by subtle notes of gun smoke, flint and fresh brioche. Palate:...

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  • Ottelia Riesling 2019

    Region: SA-(Other)

    The proximity to the Southern Ocean provides the coolest maritime climate of mainland Australia. "Eloquent grapefruit, herbal and mineral qualities with tingling cool climate acidity and an engaging finish." - Ottelia  

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  • Ottelia Sangiovese 2017

    Region: SA- Limestone Coast

    93 points! 'Sangiovese from the Limestone Coast, as made by an incredibly reliable producer. It doesn’t have much fanfare but then, that’s a good thing with this variety. It goes about its highly drinkable business with a minimum of fuss, offering...

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