Tomboy Hill

Tomboy Hill is a tiny vineyard planted in 1984 within viewing distance(2 km north) of the Eureka Rebellion site. The vineyard is planted in the Burgundian mode, 1mx1.2m grid and low-trellised, and is still, by necessity, hand-pruned, hand-sprayed and hand-picked. Ballarat's climatic similarities with Burgundy influence the mode of viticulture and wine-making, with only chardonnay and pinot noir being grown.Apart from "The Tomboy" vineyard wines, single vineyard wines are made from fruit grown by small growers in the Ballarat Goldfields district. These are located at Smythe's Creek (Nintingbool Vineyard), Rokewood Junction, Garibaldi Farm, Scotsburn and Coghill's Creek(Myola Vineyard). Single vineyard wines are produced from these vineyards in years in which the quality is sufficiently high.Tomboy Hill's second label is called "Rebellion". The chardonnay and pinot noir wines under this label are blends from these various vineyards. Tomboy Hill has recently won the "Max Loder" trophy for the best regionnal chardonnay and pinot noir at the Ballarat Wine Show. two of the wines which helped secure the trophy were the yet to be released Rebellion Pinot Noir 2003 and Rebellion Chardonnay