The name, Suckfizzle is drawn from the unique tales of Rabelais (1490 to 1553), the 15th century French monk and medico turned writer and his infamous character the Great Lord Suckfizzle. Whilst earthy and a touch coarse, Rabelais’ tales were in truth a parody of medieval literature and learning. Yet apart from this “tongue in cheek’’ nature, Rabelais writings could be enjoyed for their sheer mastery of language - no need to identify a possible meaning or association of every phrase, quotation or place name.And alike, the wines of Suckfizzle (no matter how serious), can be relished for their quintessential fruit power and masterly winemaking.Just as Rabelais has become eponymous for his literary style, Suckfizzle is destined to become so for quality and character in wine.

  • Suckfizzle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2005

    [SOLD-OUT] Suckfizzle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2005

    Region: WA- Margaret River

    -Jeremy Oliver 95 points!'Vibrant and shapely, this long, powdery and tightly sculpted white blend has a dusty, herbal bouquet of lively gooseberry and passionfruit aromas backed by fresh toasty vanilla oak and herbal, nettle-like nuances. Punctuated by...