Four Star Winery - Halliday Wine Companion
"Bushing King" of McLaren Vale 1986 - awarded to best McLaren Vale wine producer of the year

"To capture the essence of McLaren Vale, we strive for absolute quality, beginning in our old vineyards, through every phase of winemaking, to the wines before you, wherever that may be. The WOODSTOCK wine portfolio includes a range of fresh aromatic whites, opulent yet finely structured reds and finally, an eclectic selection of after-dinner wines.

WOODSTOCK Estate owns some of the oldest vineyards in McLaren Vale, with our flagship ‘The Stocks’ Vineyard planted circa 1900, a bush vine Grenache vineyard which was planted in 1930, and even our ‘young’ vineyards being planted in the early 1970-80s. Although not yet certified organic, our vines are treated with minimal impact sprays and no pesticides. We tend our vine canopies by hand, and if required the vines are leaf plucked or crop thinned to ensure even ripening and good concentration of berry flavours." - Woodstock