The Luce Estate was founded in 1995 through a collaboration of the Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi families. Located in the area of Montalcino, southwest of the medieval town itself, the estate covers 192 hectares of land, 16.5 of which are currently under vine. Most of the vineyards were planted in 1977 with 3,500 vines per hectare, while new plantings were added in 1997 and 1999, with a higher density of 6,170. Over the next few years, the families plan to add 20 more hectares of vineyards to increase the choice of grapes to be used for Luce.With altitudes ranging from 350 to 420 meters, the estate is one of the highest in Montalcino. At the higher elevations the soils are rich in "galestro", or shale, well drained and poor of organic matter, offering ideal conditions for the cultivation of Sangiovese grapes. At the lower altitudes, the soils are richer in clay, perfect for Merlot. The long, sunny and dry summer seasons, together with the southern exposure of the Luce estate, allow for a slow and thorough ripening of the grapes which yield wines with great concentration and power. The cool and breezy nights help to preserve the grapes' aromatic complexities.Luce

  • [SOLD-OUT] LUCE Tuscan Merlot Sangiovese Blend 1997

    [SOLD-OUT] LUCE Tuscan Merlot Sangiovese Blend 1997

    Region: Italy - Other

    "Luce is the result of a project launched in the early 1990s, the fruit of a dream of two leaders in the history of wine, Vittorio Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi. Their common goal was to unite together their individual passionate commitments and their...