Vasse Felix Heytesbury

"The plush, intensely flavoured and chocolaty Heytesbury Cabernet Blend is a house style reflecting winemaking philosophy and selection rather than the nuances of a single vineyard or region. Winemakers are seeking “restrained power and opulence”. The fruit is sourced from Lower Great Southern and Margaret River. Vineyards are “differentially harvested to allow for soil/vigour/yield/flavour/row orientation/clonal differences and these parcels of fruit are kept separate throughout the winemaking process. The wine – which may include Malbec, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Franc for further complexity – is matured in 55-60% new and old French oak for around 12 months. Heytesbury “expresses the very best of Vasse Felix” and the final selection is narrowed down through a series of rigorous tastings."Andrew Caillard MW