Peter Lehmann Stonewell

Stonewell Shiraz has over the years been accorded the highest place in the echelons of Barossa Shiraz. 2000 Stonewell is the 14th of its line, and continues the great tradition of Barossa shiraz at its finest.Stonewell is made from the very best of the superlative Barossa shiraz vineyards available to Peter Lehmann. The grapes are drawn only from low-yielding vineyards in the drier western areas of the Barossa Valley. These vineyards, some planted well over 100 years ago, produce sparse bunches with tiny berries – small black jewels – the secret of Stonewell Shiraz.The 2000 vintage, was very low yielding and consequently, the 2000 Stonewell Shiraz is a wine of great depth and intensity.