5 Star Winery - Halliday Wine Companion
"Outstanding" (Chardonnay) - Langton's Fine Wine Classification IV

"The wines of Pierro are the culmination of passion, innovation, location, climate and time. Wherever our wines are enjoyed around the world today they invariably impart a tangible trace of their idyllic place of origin - warm southern climes, ancient soils, healthful vines and years of skilled hands-on viticulture and winemaking." - Pierro

“Pierro is one of the few Australian wineries that could claim to have established a trend that many others have followed. Since the mid-1980s Mike Peterkin has crafted a Chardonnay of not only monumental power, but of simultaneously smooth and silky delivery. Pierro Chardonnay is the role model for so many of Australia’s more opulent and hedonistically proportioned chardonnays and is a stunning expression of Margaret River Chardonnay.” - Jeremy Oliver

"Dr Michael Peterkin is another of the legion of Margaret River medical practitioner- vignerons; for good measure, he married into the Cullen family. Pierro is renowned for its stylish white wines, which often exhibit tremendous complexity; the Chardonnay can be monumental in its weight and texture. That said, its red wines from good vintages can be every bit as good." - James Halliday