Scottish Whisky, or "Scotch" is a much loved distilled spirit made in Scotland, from three main ingredients: cereals, water and yeast.

Scottish Whisky can be broken down into five main regions: Highland, Speyside, Islay, Campbeltown and Lowland. From Highland, one of the largest Scotch producing regions, come various expressions, including a mix of dried fruit flavours and smokey aromas; from Speyside, the other biggest producing region, expect a rich, fruity and well balanced Scotch; while from Islay, the region furthest west, expect the most smokey expressions; and from Campbeltown, although only a handful of distilleries remain, expect a rich Scotch with briney characters; finally, from Lowland, another small region, expect a fresh, lighter and more floral expression.


Map adapted from: Scottish Whisky Association