The Ten #3 Light Highland Single Malt 2008

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"Aged in hogshead-type casks, this Clynelish swings between tangy fruits and buttered bread.


Colour: Very pale yellow.


Nose: Fresh, ample. The nose initially reveals balsamic notes (pine, cough lozenges) and is also salty and herbaceous. It develops notes of honey (acacia) and beeswax. A very light peatiness makes an appearance before revealing fruitier notes (green apple, pear).


Palate: Rich, smooth. Deliberately salty and coastal in character, it develops flavours of tropical fruit (pineapple, lychee) and floral notes (lavender, hyacinth). It is generous, with distinctive flavours of rich fruit cake (prune, fig, date). The aftertaste is swept by a sea breeze.


Finish: Long, intense. It gradually becomes more powerful, revealing notes of oilier peat and stronger spices (clove, nutmeg). Yellow fruit (mirabelle, plum) and heady flowers (iris, lily) precede a retro-olfactory sensation marked by notes of herbs (thyme, bay). The empty glass displays malty, minty aromas."