Jennifer and John Nagorcka began the development of Hochkirch in 1990 with a small planting using conventional Australian viticultural practices and varietal selection. The approach subsequently used was radically modified in response to the very cool climate with growing season temperatures similar to Burgundy. A high density planting pattern was implemented, with a low fruiting wire to take advantage of soil warmth in the growing season, and the focus was placed on pinot noir (4.5 hectares), with lesser quantities of riesling (1.5 hectares), cabernet sauvignon (one hectare), and semillon and shiraz (0.5 hectares each). The vines are not irrigated and no synthetic fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers are used; currently the Nagorckas are trialling bio-dynamic practice. Wines with considerable complexity and interest are the result, the Pinot Noir having received critical acclaim in a number of quarters.www.winepros.com.au