Caledonia Australis

"From the fertile soils of Leongatha, Gippsland Australia... Caledonia Australis wines are made unashamedly with a natural and old world hand. The vineyard is dry grown and close planted with vine spacings of 1m and a fruiting wire at 50cm. The vines are entirely hand tended, with yields consistently well below the 35hl/ha (2.18t/ac) ceiling that is imposed on the Grand Cru vineyards of the Cote d’Or. The wines are made with minimal additives or intervention and primacy is given to the wines texture and structure." - Caledonia Australis

"The Leongatha region has shown that it enjoys the terroir required to produce excellent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines that express great length and complexity. Mount Macleods' three vineyard sites, all in the Leongatha region, were selected to an exacting criteria; free-draining, high ironstone soils with pebbling throughout and east to north-east aspect. They are fabulous vineyard sites. The wines are made by one of Australia’s leading cool climate winemakers" - Martin Williams MW.