Wine Gift Ideas
Take advantage of our pre- selected gift packs. We have put together some interesting and ever popular gifting ideas to make choosing a present really easy. These ideas offer great value for money and are all beautifully presented.

Alternatively, any bottle(s) of wine from our range can become a gift with our wrapping options and cards. Email us at for more information.

Perfect for all occasions!.

  1. Coriole Wine¸ Olives & Oil Pack

    One baguette away from an enticing picnic appetiser - a great gift idea for under $35! 

    1 x Coriole Sangiovese

    1 x Coriole Kalamata Olives pack

    1 x Coriole artisan Olive Oil

    Save 15%


    Low Stock (3 in store)

  2. Gabriel-Glas Universal Wine Glass 6 Pack

    Region: Germany

    A universal wine glass for all cases? Sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, sweet wines.
    6 Universal wine glasses in a presentation box!


    Low Stock (20 in store)