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Cuvee Chocolate Connossieur Box 210g

Beautifully presented three pack of Cuvé e's Grand Cru, Amphora and Soleo chocolates!

BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED THREE PACK OF CUVÉE'S GRAND CRU (75% EXTRA DARK), AMPHORA (65% DARK) AND SOLEO (42% MILK) CHOCOLATES!                                                         

"Composed of a selection of Cuvée’s most popular varieties; the Grand Cru, Amphora and Soleo, the Cuvée Chocolate Connoisseur Box is a chocolate gift to be remembered by. Make your next special occasion that little bit more special by surprising someone with this exclusive gift pack."

Cuvée Chocolate was established in Melbourne in 2014 when Chocolatier and Master Pastry Chef Deniz Karaca decided to pursue his long standing dream and start creating hand crafted premium pure chocolate bars that could be paired with wine without compromising either. 

Deniz Karaca has made a name for himself in the Australian chocolate & dessert scene after being named the #1 chocolatier in Australia and Asia in 2012 and 2013, being ranked amongst the top three in the world after his participation in the World Chocolate Masters in 2013. Most recently he was named Australian Patissier of the Year 2016.

Cocoa is a fragile and sensitive crop, grown in a narrow geographical band near the Equator primarily by smallholder farmers and their families. Cuvée therefore only collaborate with suppliers that can ensure all cocoa beans selected for the making of Cuvée are 100% sustainably grown.

- Cuvée

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