"From sprightly sparklers and jaunty rosés, to minerally Rieslings and peachy Viogniers; from elegant Pinot noirs and sumptuous Syrahs, to classy Cabernets and dulcet dessert wines, Oregon’s wine variety will satisfy anyone’s palate... Oregon is a special place with a commitment to producing high-quality wines. On a national scale, Oregon is the third largest wine grape producing state, yet remains focused on producing small-batch artisan wine. In fact, most Oregon wineries are relatively small, producing fewer than 5,000 cases a year...

You can sight-see the beautiful coast, volcanic mountains, crystal-clear lakes and deserts that stretch as far as the eye can see. If you’re looking for world-class Pinots, some outstanding Chardonnay or superb Syrah, Oregon wineries are waiting for you.

With 18 approved winegrowing regions and more than 720 wineries producing 72 varieties of grapes, Oregon is blessed with some of the most diverse and beautiful wine-growing landscapes in the world. From the benchlands soaring above the Columbia River Gorge to the Willamette Valley’s green, rolling hills to the deep valleys of Southern Oregon, there are some incredible sights to behold and some incredible wines to taste." - Oregon Wine


Map adapted from: Oregon Wine