Premium Wines Polystyrene Packaging

Whenever possible, Super Premium Fines Wines (such as Penfolds's Grange Shiraz or Henschke's Hill of Grace Shiraz etc) purchased from Wine House will be sent to you in specially designed polystyrene boxes for 750mL bottled wines.

The polystyrene box protects your wine from both physical damages and temperature fluctuations. This is essential to ensure as far as possible that the wine reaches you in pristine condition. Heat and extremes of temperature can spoil wine very quickly, that’s why we have a temperature controlled storage cellar and shop and that’s why we use polystyrene as our preferred method of packaging.


Polystyrene is non-biodegradable. We at Wine House have a wine polystyrene box recycling program where we collect and recycle unwanted wine polystyrene boxes from a number of Melbourne-based sources. In this way - we reduce its environmental impact to a minimum.

We encourage customers to reuse their polystyrene boxes in their cellars as they make excellent, protective wine storage containers.