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[SOLD-OUT] Yarra Yering Dry Red No 1 2017



"I just spent a brunch-to-lunch with MW Andrew Caillard, which is always amazing, full of insight, inspiring and humbling, and I found notes of his on the Langton’s Classification regarding this wine that said ‘Carrodus likens seasoning of wine in oak like salt in porridge, “If it is pronounced it makes it taste terrible”‘, which is interesting, because tasting through the 2017 Yarra Yering wines there is a distinct overlay of overt oak in all the wines, almost distracting, not quite, but there, malty, distinct, a character in its own right … Take that as you will. Anyway, this No. 1 as always is the cabernet sauvignon dominant blend of ‘Bordeaux varieties’.

The approach is stunning. A full orchestra of aromas, blue fruits, cassis, floral things, herbal spice, bayleaf, malt, liquorice. Fantastic. The palate is fresh, invigorating, blue fruits, faint plum, black olive, lithe tannins and a light malt-oak sheath seasoning things. It rides long, fine, light-on, but tense, with exceptional length and a pool of mouth-watering, gently sweet-sour fruit lingering long. It’s an understated, superb, detailed wine of exceptional feel and high drinkability." - Mike Bennie, Wine Front 


VIC- Yarra Valley
Wine Red - Cabernet blend