Wynns John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Jeremy Oliver 96 Points!
"It's gorgeous" - Wine Front 96+ Points!

Australia, SA, Coonawarra
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Wine Front 96+ Points!

"Strong release from arguably ‘the’ stalwart, premier cabernet of Coonawarra. It’s set to 13.4% alcohol, restraint, finesse from 2015. I remember when I remembered that these wines were bold, big, power and presence orientated, or maybe that was projected. This has the clout of Coonawarra packed into a svelte frame. It’s gorgeous.

Succulent, just medium bodied red of impossible glide, finely wrought tannins, impressive length and a general sense of that inimitable ‘detail’ that great wines have. There’s salt bush and bramble-greenery scents woven through dark berries, cassis, subtle malt-chocolate oak notes and a whiff of pretty eucalyptus. The wine sits with stoic shape and authority in the palate, a tight sluice of dark fruit sheen with more of the salt bush, green herb and light cedar character. Seamless. Regal. Beautiful. Will live long. Kudos."

Mike Bennie, Wine Front, August 2018

"Classic faintly minty long-term Coonawarra cabernet with pristine, vivacious fruit, handsome oak and fine, polished tannins."

Jeremy Oliver