Penfolds Grange (Various Vintages)

An Australian icon, Grange represents a tradition in winemaking that is totally uncompromising. Grange has bypassed the fads and trends of modern winemaking in the sense that it has maintained an integrity of style and remained true to its origins in the mind of Max Schubert.

Penfolds Grange is the quality standard against which all other Australian red wines are judged. To share a mature Grange, 15 to 20 years old, in fine condition, is one of the great wine experiences. From humble beginnings in the 1950s, Grange has maintained its place as Australia's most prestigious red wine over four decades. Today, it is a wine of international renown, with each vintage eagerly awaited by collectors both in Australia and overseas.

  1. Penfolds Grange 2004

    Region: Australia, SA, (Other)

    Jeremy Oliver 98 pts!

    Campbell Mattinson 99 pts!
    Wine Advocate 99 pts!

    '...arguably the finest vintage since the stellar 90 96 and 98 vintages...' - Penfolds


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  2. Penfolds Grange 2004 1500mL

    Region: Australia, SA, (Other)
    Wine Advocate 99 points!
    Jeremy Oliver 98 points!

    Campbell Mattinson 99 points!

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