Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Black Sherry

Ralph Kyte-Powell 93 points!
Spain, (Other)
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Ralph Kyte-Powell 93 points!
"Superb sweet sherry from one of Spain's oldest producers. Deep brown/olive colour, aromas of burnt sugar, raisins, rose petals and spice, and a luscious, intense palate of toffee-ish flavours and lingering finish."
The Age Epicure, 19th May 2015.
Not even the gimmicky packaging can detract from the quality found within. A great colour here, a deep, dark, golden red-brown. Dripping with rich complexity on the nose; molasses, treacle, smoke and vegetal axle-grease notes prevail. Unctuous palate with bags of impact, a huge, sweet, treacly style. Only moderate acidity which emphasises the treacly, cigary richness. Great length. Very good indeed. 18/20 (November 2004) Valdespino stakes a claim as the oldest Sherry bodega, and it is hard to argue with six centuries of Sherry production as evidence. The family have been involved in making Sherry for around 700 years; exactly when they started up is not clear, the information lost in the mists of time. But in the late 13th Century, a Spanish knight, Alonso Valdespino, was granted 30 ha of vineyards by his king. From this small beginning the family established a reputation as an excellent source of the wine. The business which operates today, however, was founded as recently as 1875.