Seppelt Drumborg Riesling 2013

Age-worthy Riesling with slight sweetness and lively acidity. 

Australia, VIC, Great Western
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"Drumborg Vineyard riesling with a slither of sweetness. From the great Drumborg Vineyard in the south-west Victorian region of Henty. This wasn't made by winemaker Jo Marsh, she had moved on by 2013, but I like her comment on what it's like working with riesling from Drumborg. "It's always a special day when the Drumborg Riesling comes in," she said to me in 2010. "We all tip-toe around the winery that day. It's a vineyard that makes us look good, and we're always really nervous about stuffing it up."

This 2013 is a pearler. But not in an in-your-face way. It sneaks up on you. It's lemony, slatey, and intense with a great drive of acidity through the finish. That's the ageworthy bit, or the hard bit to negotiate as a young wine, take your pick. But there's all this sweet apple and pear-like flavour too, which gives it an open deliciousness up front. The sweetness is clear and noticeable, the acidity the driver of powerful length, and yet the two seem in harmony. This harmony gives the wine a delicacy, an elegance."
Campbell Mattinson, Wine Front, September 2013