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Santamania Madrid Dry Gin

Pure Tempranillo Grape Gin from Madrid, Spain!

Vinos de Madrid is the DO (Denominación de Origen.

"Grape alcohol, in contact with the select botanicals chosen by our Master Distillers. The maceration and infusion times for each botanical are carefully gauged, and the result is a very pure, rounded and fully-balanced gin.

Distilled in small batches of less than 800 bottles, Santamanía's Madrid Dry is a juniper-driven London Dry style, with a distinctive Spanish accent. The round, silky Tempranillo spirit lays down a fleshy yet vibrant base and while the style is nice and classic thanks to the juniper dominant flavours, there's more than a nod to the gin's Iberian roots in the pungent rosemary and fresh citrus aromas. The flavour profile is both zesty and sappy with delicate floral notes and of course the fruity grape base. The mouthfeel is luscious and creamy, with peppery spice and waxy lime hints appearing on the mouth-watering finish. It's a very sophisticated yet bright and lively style that's crying out for a Spanish-sized nip and a splash of StrangeLove No 8 tonic."



Spirits - Gin
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$ 50-100