Argentina has a varied wine producing scene. Argentina makes typically bold, ripe wines and is most well known for its production of high quality Malbec and its indigenous white variety, Torrontes. Mendoza is Argentina's main wine producing region, nestled against the Andes, with its high altitude ensuring it can produce quality wines, despite its proximity to the equator.

"Malbec, our iconic variety. Though originally from Southwest France, this red variety is better suited to Argentine soil than to any other. In Argentina Malbec found ideal environmental conditions for its development and gave origin to exceptional wines. Argentina is known as the producer of the finest Malbec wines..." - Wines of Argentina

"Good Argentine Malbec, and there is a great deal of it for Argentina is one of the world's most prolific wine producers, is deeply coloured, spicily rich with an exuberant juiciness and has as a trademark and almost velvety texture". - Jancis Robinson

"Torrontes, an original native variety. Argentina is the only country in the world that produces Torrontes. It owes its prestige to the outstanding quality of the vineyards in the provinces of Salta and La Rioja. Due to its special microclimate, that region has achieved outstanding vineyard development and produces fruity, tasty wines that linger in the mouth and in your memory." - Wines of Argentina

“This little-known Argentinian grape has the potential to be the next big thing. Everyone I show it to in blind tastings adores it. They love its perfume, they love its flavours, they love its personality.” - Tim Atkin MW

Map adapted from: Wines of Argentina