Pepe's Beret Old Vine Shiraz 2016

A modern expression of French Syrah from Pays d'Oc, with exceptional quality. 

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"Pépé’s Beret is not just wine. It’s attitude in a bottle. Named afer the French words Pépé which means “grandpa”, and Béret, which is a traditional French cap, this wine is an ironic allusion to the famous clichés known to the Southern French population.By crafting this trendy looking wine our winemakers created a modern and fresh wine that still delivers the unique and delicious aromas of traditional French-style wines.

Fully ripe grapes are destemmed and divided into two sections. A small part passes the process of hot skin-contact maceration which enhances the aromatic profile of the Syrah. The majority of the grapes are fermented on their skins for about three weeks, extracting all the aromas. Some of the juices stay in contact with oak, adding complexity to the wine. At the end of the process, the juices are blended together into this charming cuvée."