Penfolds Bin 407 2017 (Cork)

Australia, SA, (Other)
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An aromatic umbrella sheltering all things cabernet.
An immediate ascent of violet, mulberry leaf – laced with star anise, cinnamon, orange zest.
Followed by varietal wafts of tomato ketchup, soy, iodine, and oddly, a Chinese spice/stock marinade.
Not yet exiting this theme - sweet plum sauce, hoisin and roast duck crackling trepidatiously follows.

Immediately more Tuscan than Bordeaux in cabernet character. Nevertheless, still very (South) Australian.
Savoury, with a sour cherry grip ... and subtle cherry pip oak influence.
Mouth-watering and succulent, yet still linear – tempered by appetising angular tannins. Darker fruits and green Spanish (stuffed) olive flavours further define the vintage, style.
Neither a 2010 nor 2016 ... and not trying to be!"

- Penfolds