Millton Opou Chardonnay 2017

A Chardonnay that is clean and fresh, with hints of nutty oak, and mouth-filling complexity

Vegan Friendly

New Zealand, Gisborne
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"The wine has a clean fresh taste with a hazelnut and oatmeal mouth filling complexity. With a little time in the glass and more contact with air the delicious taste progresses towards a long and rounded feeling in the mouth clipped by sensitive acidity and framed by silken tannins.


The nutty complexity comes from oxidative handling in the cellar. The texture is fine; the well-integrated fruit tannins balance the freshness of the acid, leaving a structure that will reward ageing."


Millton Vineyards


"Artisan winegrower in Gisborne, James and Annie Millton are as biodynamic as you get, with their winery located on the banks of the Te Arai River, near Manutuke.

Floral aromas of orange and white blossom combine with notes of honey and acorn. Creamy and rich on the palate, but slightly more refined than other Gisborne Chardonnays.

Opou Vineyard was first planted in 1969.  Here there is a mixture of Chardonnay selections mostly from Mendoza selections.Pressed directly to small French Oak barrels (15% new oak) where they waited until the fermentation started in its’ own time. Selected barrels enjoyed a secondary malolactic fermentation to soften the palate and increase texture. After 15 months of aging in oak, the wine was then assembled in stainless steel tanks to rest before being bottled on the property."

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