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[SOLD-OUT] Mahana Riesling 2015

"This 2015 version packs a lot more punch than previous releases with an alcohol of 11% and 23 g/l residual sugar. ...  Rich but fresh-feeling, perfume of honey-on-apple, mixed citrus peel and Pinea. ... A powerful and rustic expression of Riesling." - Bibendum 

The new venture from ex-Bannockburn winemaker Michael Glover!
"Delicate with intense floral aromatics. Succulent sweetness balance the pure acidity in a dry, mineral finish."

"We are really getting into New Zealand Riesling, with its barely detectable off-dry finish. It is low in alcohol and pairs so beautifully with so many cuisines. Again, traditional and alternative techniques combine to make a Riesling of fascination, including 15% of the wine matured in old barrique prior to blending. The most notable attribute is its harmonious balance - no searing acidity here!

New Zealand's Mahana is a winery to take note of. These three whites are some of the most exciting we've seen in a while. Textural and unique, they are dry-grown organically on brown, ultic soil particular to the Marlborough Sounds and Nelson region. Quartz rich, this terroir lends minerality and the weathered sandy clay stresses the vines into producing smaller, more intense yields of fruit.

They also show the hand of a pioneering winemaker. Proudly New World, they challenge concepts of what these varieties are, but the resultant wines are all compelling and all delicious. Perhaps you won't be surprised to hear the winemaker behind these wines is the renowned Michael Glover, ex-Bannockburn, whose wines have been consistently experimental and fascinating. They employ techniques often reserved for other varieties such as extended skin contact, carbonic ferment, unusual oak handling, extended aging on lees and 'natural' sulphite free maturation."
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