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[SOLD-OUT] Luke Lambert Chardonnay 2015

Wine Front 95+ Points!
'..His best yet' - Mike Bennie!

Wine Front 95+ Points!
"'s proof that you don't have to flog a Chardonnay with oak and excessive wine making to build complexity.

Subdued style with real lemonade/lemon barley, ginger spice, wheatgerm, and what might be best described as a faint, yet pleasant, cool mint and grassy perfume. Light to medium bodied, precise and pure, juicy lemon flavour, stony 'mineral' acidity, and beautiful line and length. Has some milky flavours in the mix, though they don't obscure the fruit, or muddy the wine. There's an aftertaste of bitter lemon and gently chalky texture that really brings it home. What a drink!"
Gary Walsh, The Wine Front, January 2016

"Luke Lambert's becoming somewhat of a rockstar in the wine world. His is the minimal handling approach - no fining or filtration and often matured in old, large format oak. The fresh fruit flavour of the grape is allowed to sing, as well as a preservation of natural minerality and acidity. This is a Chardonnay for fans of leaner, purer expression. Exquisite!

Luke Lambert is an extremely talented and intuitive winemaker leading the way in the Yarra Valley."
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VIC- Yarra Valley
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