Le Brun de Neuville Tendre Rose N.V.

"precision and harmony, accompanied by an airy, slightly spiced freshness" - Le Brun de Neuville

France, Champagne
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"This Champagne shows up with a rather fluid colour tinted with a strong salmon pink, revealing hints of deep orange pink. The first nose expresses flavours of raspberry, wild strawberry, peppermint, lemon, and pink grapefruit. When aerated, it turns to notes of gooseberry, blackcurrant, peony, soft chalk, blueberry, and plum.

The approach in the palate is soft and fresh with a creamy and melted effervescence. Fresh and elegant, it is sustained by a lemony acidity with touches of grapefruit. The mid-palate is orchestrated with a chalky minerality which provides a creamy sensation enriched with fruit notes. The whole directs to a concentrated finish, where each instrument plays its part with precision and harmony, accompanied by an airy, slightly spiced freshness."


- Le Brun de Neuville

Since its foundation, Le Brun de Neuville has built itself around a history of men and women: the families of winegrowers, with a common desire to equip themselves with effective tools, so that their knowledge — combined with the rich product of their terroir — enables them to produce Champagnes of the highest quality.

The Le Brun family resides by the village of Bethon, close to the town of Sézanne in the Marne. The memory of Madame Le Brun, who owned the castle in 1845, is still alive today. The house Le Brun de Neuville inherits its name thanks to the action of the noble heiress of the Château de Bethon, Madame de Reviers, one of the founders of the House.

The vineyard Le Brun de Neuville is spread over 150 hectares, of which the majority has been planted for over 30 years on the undulating slopes of the Sézannais. Its vineyard is planted predominantly in Chardonnay, which represents 88% of the total. The Pinot Noir accounts for 11% and the Meunier just 1% of the vines. The supplies of Champagne Brun de Neuville come exclusively from the vines of its members.

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