Jasper Hill Georgia's Paddock Riesling 2019

Such a pure and pretty wine, plays with texture, drives with moreish fruit flavour. A ginger character, faint lemon barley water, mouthwatering, bright acidity, a sheath of refreshment and exceptional length. 

Australia, VIC, Heathcote
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"Our aim is to make great wine, with the preservation of nature’s flavours, complexities and balance in our wines by using minimal intervention in our vineyards and in the cellar – to allow the individual vineyard’s “terroir” or sense of place to express itself by ‘interfering’ as little as possible.

Our wines are grown, made and bottled entirely on the estate from our own organic unirrigated vineyards. We produce our own composts and have never used synthetic chemicals on either the vines or the soils, since our vineyards were planted in 1975. Our soils are derived from Cambrian period basaltic rock of 500/600 million years age. They are quite rare in the world because of their great age, particularly in Australia. Here in Heathcote they are unusually deep (up to 4 metres), rusty red coloured, well drained, gravelly loams on undulating hillsides, with good moisture retention capabilities.

From the immediate nose of lemon and lime, to the full weighty palate that includes some ripe pineapple characters, through the biting, cleansing, long, acid, ultra-dry finish, this is a great example of our Heathcote Riesling. Perfect as an aperitif but can also easily match full flavoured first courses. Sealed under screw cap as a trial!"

Jasper Hill