Hobart Whisky 19-003 Ex-Bourbon 55.7%

Tasmanian Single Malt, American Oak, Ex-Bourbon, 55.7% Abv by the multi-award winning Devil's Distillery.

Australia, Tasmania
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A selection of small American oak ex-bourbon casks expressed at 55.7% Abv

Batch Nº: 19-003
Bottled: 8th May 2019

"Devil’s Distillery’s single malt whisky casks are medium charred American oak ranging in size from 20 litres to 40 litres for our first-year production, then we filled 80 litre and now 100 litre capacity casks. Devil's Distillery uses a Tasmanian grown malt barley variety known as Westminster. For our regular and fresh requirement, this barley undergoes early germination at Cargill’s Tasmanian malthouse near Devonport. It is then gently kiln dried at low temperatures to stop further germination and the seed acrospires are removed. 


After the first production batch of single malt through a Peter Bailly designed and built 1800 litre capacity copper pot still, distiller, Brian Hinson, monitors the taste change to the more pleasurable hearts, followed by the separation cut of the poor tasting tails. His requirement is to always reproduce this first batch of “hearts” separation standard. He maintains that the taste of the malt spirit hearts out of the still’s condenser is fundamental to producing a good whisky, as cask maturation is just a later embellishment!

Soft and inviting, with creamy vanilla, juicy fruits, baked streusel cake. Toffee apples and a gentle maritime note. Shortbreads, apricot jam, gingerbread and white chocolate. Fresh fruits, butterscotch, apple pie and white oak. Smooth, creamy and well textured, with juicy fruits, vanilla slice and a burst of citrus. A touch of milk chocolate, oak, and a hint of peach."

 - Hobart Whisky