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[SOLD-OUT] Hentley Farm The Beauty Shiraz 2016

The Beauty, grown on the coolest block of the Hentley Farm property and co-fermented with a little Viognier, is an aromatic and refined expression of Shiraz.

"The Beauty is a wine of elegance... Grown on the coolest block on the property and co-fermented with a touch of Viognier, the Beauty displays complex lifted aromatics, along with the softness and subtlety befitting a wine of this name.


Peach, apricot and florals provide the lift while surrounded by blue and red fruits, white pepper and peaty earth sitting further in the background. This complex combination of flavours continues onto the palate with the blue/red fruits playing the leading role. Bright acid and tannin drive provide great focus down the middle, bright fruits providing the framework. Soft, expressive and complex."

Hentley Farm


SA- Barossa Valley
Wine Red - Shiraz blend