Grosset Alea Riesling 2018

" ... a satisfying, expressive wine of great finesse." - Grosset 

Australia, SA, Clare Valley
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"Attractive lemon blossom on a first swirl, there’s a hint of ripe citrus followed by a delicious layered lemon, lime palate. The power and depth of lemongrass flavours will surely make it a match for the more subtle Vietnamese dishes: a satisfying, expressive wine of great finesse. 2018 is clearly in the same quality ballpark as the previous three vintages, however the subtle increase in palate weight gives this wine an added presence."


- Grosset


‘Inspired by the best dry Rieslings of Europe, Alea is produced in the international style, made to the Grosset standard. From the Rockwood vineyard in Watervale where the likeness to European fruit was first noticed in 2007, this wine offers great versatility; people, food, situations.’

- Jeffrey Grosset