Giaconda Pinot Noir 2018

New release Pinot Noir from Giaconda! This sells out quickly so be careful you dont miss out like many did last year.

Australia, VIC, Beechworth
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"Magenta dye and blood red. Both red and black fruits play a part here; high toned, spicy notes jostle with a fragrant oak lift, balanced by roasted beetroot, blood plums; simply seductive on the palate, rounded, spicy, elegant and yet so powerful. The tannins are a masterclass in perfection, present yet discretely playing in the background whilst the fruit stands front of stage. A wine that is truly complete.

Nevertheless patience will be rewarded as this wine transforms from youthful exuberance into a sublime, sophisticated expression of site and maker. This wine continues the phoenix like resurgence of pinot noir here at Giaconda - new clones, new plantings and greater understanding of how to coax the very best out of this delightful and beguiling variety.

- Giaconda