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[SOLD-OUT] Giaconda Pinot Noir 2012 (Yarra Valley Beechworth)


Our Pinot Noir is a 50/50% blend of fruit from the Yarra Valley and our own Estate Vineyard site. The wine is tank fermented and then tansferred to French oak (approximately 25% new. The wine is aged in oak for a slightly shorter period of 16 months to maintain freshness and vibrancy. This wine is matured deep underground in our granite maturation cave.

Old fashioned magenta colour; Satsuma plums, twigs, cold tea and exotic spice notes of cinnamon and mandarin rind. Brooding and mysterious with a captivating aroma. It has elements reminiscent of '89 and '92 with additional layers of complexity. The initial palate impact provides ripe plum notes with a striking corset of fine savoury tannin that focuses and defines the wine. Powerful yet elegant, ripe but not sweet, it will require time for the wine to unravel its hidden magic. Without question the most complex and beautiful structured Pinot to come from Giaconda.
-Giaconda Wines

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