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Geoff Weaver Riesling 2019


"Matured in old oak, and left on lees. This may well be pre-release but it’s worth keeping an eye out. Soft texture, great intensity, a slip of sweetness and plenty of acidity. Driving acidity. Daring acidity. But with the flavour and accessories to match. Apples, limes, chalk and musk. As daring as it is delightful." Wine Front

"Riesling was the first variety we planted at Lenswood in 1982 with the first small crop in 1985. Our Riesling is on the austere end of the range of Riesling styles made in Australia and as such is the logical extension of the fine, subtle long lasting wines from Eden Valley which have such an established place among the great wines of this variety. To me the essence of our Riesling is gentle, fine floral aromatics with the palate showing great finesse and delicacy. There is a mineral element about these wines and a wonderful capacity to fill out and grow in complexity with age, free from the heavy, overt, toasty aged characters that dominate many aged Australian Rieslings.

Tightly structured yet aromatically lifted wine but with a supple mid -palate and a fine, crisp finish. Delicate, understated and long flavour. Lifted aroma of citrus and lime blossom. Fresh and lively. Fruity with a juicy zest on the palate and a fine mineral edge. Will slowly develop the  honey character of classically aged Riesling with time." - Geoff Weaver



SA- Adelaide Hills
Wine White - Riesling