Francois Voyer Terres de Grande Champagne 5 YO

Sub appellation: Grand Champagne

Classification: 100% 1er Cru Cognac

France, (Other)
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Tasting Note: This is a flexible and handsome cognac with underlying tones of lime and violet, noted for its ‘length’ on the palate. An excellent companion to our VSOP it can be mixed in cocktails, served on the rocks or ice cold from the freezer (-10°C)! 

Colour: Golden / Copper

Bouquet: Smooth delicate bouquet of flowery tones such as linden and violet which lingers on the nose. These tones are characteristic of the Grand Champagne Cru.

Taste: Subtle woody notes which leave and agreeable and persistent taste on the palate.


Origin : 100% pure Grand Champagne, 1st Cru of Cognac.

Composition : Blended eaux-de-vie 4 to 6 years old. 

Aging / Blending
: Distilled with the lees. Aged in new Limousin Oak casks with a medium interior toast for 3 years. Aging continued in old barrels or hogsheads in a damp cellar. Progressive reduction with distilled water (max 5% diminution per 6 months).

Francois Voyer