Excellia Blanco Tequila

Drinkhacker 'A'!
San Francisco International Spirits Competition 2011 Gold Medal!

Jalisco (Highlands), Mexico

100% Blue Agave
South America- Mexico
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Drinkhacker - A!
"This new tequila brand comes from 100 percent blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco — and then comes a twist: All the tequilas are aged in Sauternes and 20-year-old Cognac casks, a big twist vs. the usual old Bourbon barrels in which most tequila is aged.... exemplary"

A misleading and cryptic tequila: Not bottled straight from the still but rested for a couple of weeks in wood. Good decision. The nose is bright agave, but the body is shockingly sweet and mellow. Lemon, vanilla, and custard notes. Smooth and creamy, with a little agave bite at the end. I'm impressed!
Christopher Null, Drinkhacker.com, 2011

Rested a few weeks in grand cru sauternes wine casks and cognac barrels, Excellia™ Blanco is clear with a faint of gold shade. The nose reveals cloves, tobacco and toast/brioche notes. On the palate, Excellia™ Blanco is complex with a mix of spices, vanilla, fruits and leather aromas. The finish is long on the mid-palate and presents dried spices and faint jasmine notes. Excellia™ Blanco is the best example yet of a well-made blanco Highland tequila that dares to use, expertly, the sort of delicate flavours usually only seen in an añejo or extra-añejo, without losing the classic focus and strength which makes blanco the favourite tequila category among many connoisseurs. "Excellia™ Blanco is floral and vibrant with a superbly smooth texture and a very complex Agave character."
Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, Excellia Tequillas