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[SOLD-OUT] Domenica Nebbiolo 2017

Wine Front 94 Points!

"No compromise. No prisoners. You'd be hard pressed to find a better Nebbiolo at the price." - Gary Walsh

Wine Front 94 Points!


"Dark cherry, aniseed, violet, sandalwood and tea, or something like that. Medium-bodied, airy sort of feel in the mouth, but full of brick dust tannin, blood orange, liquorice and spice run on a long tannic finish. Has a classic feel about it. Rust and beautiful decay. No compromise. No prisoners. You’d be hard pressed to find a better Nebbiolo at the price."


Gary Walsh, Wine Front


"The single acre of nebbiolo is grown in a cool, protected southerly pocket on the corner of shale at the southern end off the property. This soil holds more water than the granite, allowing the typically large canopy to maintain its integrity throughout the summer, usually without supplementary irrigation. Tiny yields of three or four bunches per vine develop the intensity of fruit required to make nebbiolo with beautiful structure, and a deep complex core of ripe fruit.

The fruit is crushed and destemmed, and fermented in concrete, for between three and six weeks, dependant on the wine and the season. Maturation is in a traditional wooden botti of 1600 litres capacity. A long maturation between two and three years is required to allow the tannin to soften, and the intense, bright fruit to deepen, and allow some of the secondary,more subtle aromas and flavours to shine through."


- Domenica

VIC- Beechworth
Wine Red - Nebbiolo