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[SOLD-OUT] Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rose 2015

"Coeur de Grain"
Considered the finest Rosé in the world!
The 'Grange' of rose! 

Domaines Ott Clos Mireille is a single vineyard Rosé from an old site overlooking the Mediterranean in Londe les Maures close to Brégançon. This location by the shores of the Mediterranean and at the foot of an ancient rocky outcrop of hills is unusual. The sea-facing facade gives Clos Mireille wines their inimitable character. The microclimate and the sea spray create the perfect conditions for producing subtle and distinctive wines.

This Rosé - the Coeur de Grain, considered the finest Rosé in the world - is lovingly known as the 'Grange' of Rosé wines. Made from Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah, it is delicate but rich. It's opulence of bottle design is surpassed by its contents. A nose of citrus fruit, floral notes and strawberry is echoed by a beautiful, structured palate and a long balanced length."

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The terroir

The soil is very old and characterized by a combination of shale and clay, and by an absence of limestone. The long sea-facing front is undoubtedly responsible for the unique character of Clos Mireille’s output. The microclimate and sea spray provide favourable conditions for the production of exceptional wines


In 1896, after a tour of France's wine-growing areas, the young agronomist Marcel Ott arrived on the shores of the Mediterranean and finally found the wine area that most inspired him: Provence. In the heart of this famous wine region, one of the oldest in France, there is a long-standing culture of grape cultivation. But at the end of the nineteenth century, when phylloxera had destroyed all the best vine stock, the vineyards had been replanted too quickly, and so the wines they produced had little appeal. With fierce determination, Marcel Ott set about replanting all the estates with quality grape varieties so that the great wines of Provence could flourish again: authentic wines that would be worthy of this thousand-year-old tradition.


- Domaines Ott


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